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Peeping Through a Leaf


"Transformation is an evolutionary embodied process which we deeply feel and experience. Once it happens, we move beyond it's intellectualization, to fully and sustainably living the change. We stand in a rooted version of our authentic SELF, with an acceptance and clarity that rises above our history.

The shift is such, that when under pressure, or very relaxed, that we do not unconsciously fall back into our old ways. Such transformation can happen many times through our lives." Lutz Otto


"Believing that vulnerability is unsafe is at it’s best a base defense, and in truth an illusion. Our psychological and physiological make up, our humanness, makes each of us vulnerable whether we would like to believe it or not. The vulnerability, and courage, of leaning into doing the work necessary to find and show our truth, far out weighs the life long burden of living an inauthentic life." Lutz Otto

Integration and finding peace within

The Latin root of “integrare,” means to make whole. Integrate is defined as the process of combining two or more parts in an effective way.

"The integration, and acceptance, of our totality - our success, failure, life experiences, upbringing, intergenerational content, different facets, and the parts of us that we shut down, compare to others, or fear will exclude us from belonging -  is necessary for us to feel grounded and stable in our self-worth. The more that we integrate all of who we are, the more we are able to make conscious decisions, come to live in the fullness of who we are, live with greater well-being, improve the quality of our relationships, increase our success in life and feel peace within. This is my wish for everyone I am privileged to work with." Lutz Otto

Personal And Executive Coaching

My coaching practice combines personal, executive, and leadership coaching. I serve clients in South Africa, Europe, and the USA, working in person, either indoors or out in nature, and via video conferencing. 

That which I create the space to support my clients with includes:

  • Building self-worth, self-confidence and/ or self- compassion. Moving towards becoming more integrated and self accepting [including the parts we are uncomfortable with or do not want to know]. Enabling personal agency.

  • Executive and leadership coaching. Shifting into new work roles, managing ourselves in our work contexts, and/ or accelerating performance. Developing holistic leadership and management capability. Leading with consciousness and authenticity.

  • Better understanding how our emotions, feelings, conscious and unconscious cognition, directly influence all behavior. This includes: 
    -  Emotional identification, regulation and agility; 
    -  Our unconscious patterns of behavior, defenses, resistances, biases, attachment styles, interaction roles, self limiting beliefs, integrating our shadow and root cause exploration.  

  • Making conscious choices, defining aligned goals, determining values, reframing perspectives, shifting thinking patterns or behavior, working through  transitions and creating the perspective to move beyond difficult stages of life.

  • Exploring meaning and purpose. Exploring identity or who we are. 

  • Moving forward with the integration or with that which was learned, discovered or reconnected with on a well-being, healing, or self-development retreat or quest. 

  • Building well-being practices, and living with deeper harmonious meaning.

Confidentiality and professional association

Confidentiality, ethical practice and psychological safety are bound into our terms of working together. I am a member of the Association for Coaching and abide by the association's Global Code of Ethics.

Methodology, style and experience

Explore how I work, my methodology, experience and style here.

What is our next step?

If what you read resonates, or you would like to find out more, lets set up a discovery and chemistry call, in which we can explore whether we can together create the space to meet your objectives. No strings attached. Simply email me here, and let's schedule a conversation.

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"True belonging doesn’t require us to change who we are. It requires us to be who we are"  Brené Brown

“Not the world, not what’s outside of us, but what we hold inside traps us. We may not be responsible for the world that created our minds, but we can take responsibility for the mind with which we create our world.” Gabor Mate

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